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When you own a European car and are looking at auto repair shops, you’re often faced with one of two choices. You can either take it to a licensed European car dealership, where you’ll pay an exorbitant amount for repairs from “certified partners,” or take it to a trusted independent auto shop for dealership-quality, affordable auto repair.

J&M Precision Automotive is one of Colorado’s most trusted independent European auto repair shops, and we have the tools and experience to deliver dealership-quality service at significantly lower prices.


With years of experience on various European cars,J&M Precision Automotive stands out among Colorado European car repair shops. Why? Because we understand that every European car brand has several different service features and quarks that are particular to each and every brand. If you’re looking for the right auto repair shop for your European specialty car, J&M Precision Automotive offers dealer-quality repairs at affordable, independent prices.

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By developing a holistic understanding of European cars, our professional specialists know every major brand’s ins and outs to ensure the job gets done right the first time. We’re the car repair shop that can handle any problem your car can throw our way, from minor fixes like oil changes to major fixes like engine overhauls.
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Working on Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini, European and Volkswagen under our roof allows us to express our passion for these machines and those who drive them.